Collettivo Barnum12809668_1302467836446440_1960072291196864348_n

b. 10.12.2005, Venezia (IT)

currently live and work between Venice, Udine, Padova, Vicenza and Istria

contact: collettivobarnum@gmail.com




The elephant in the room
curated by Amalia Nangeroni, edit by Collettivo Barnum, S.A.L.E. Docks, Venice (IT)

edited by Collettivo Barnum, event “Festival delle Arti Giudecca”, Toffolo’s yard, Venice Giudecca (IT)

ENTROPIA  curated by Marta Scaccia, edited by: Collettivo Barnum, Spazio Exworks, Vicenza (IT)


Thirteen young artists, thirteen different sensibilities: this is what Barnum is. The collective born from the common experience of the academic studies and the coexistence in the same atelier. The force of the group is the difference that identify each one of the members, a difference that become an opportunity of development.

The main objective of Barnum is the realization of an original and authentic artistic vision, through a contemporary way. The name Barnum came from the famous circus director Phineas Taylor Barnum. This name want to make reference to the collective’s mood, a merry and jovial environment, without overlooking to an introspecting necessity.


Laura Allegro
Martina Camani
Luca Forestan
Maddalena Granziera
Alessio Guarda
Stefan Milosavljevic
Alex Ortiga
Fabio Ranzolin
Gianna Rubini
Giulia Vechiato
Karin Zrinjski



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